What I can do to help accomplish your goals:

Produce Your Album

I can produce your music from beginning to end. From the first song you write to releasing a full album. Setting up photography & videography sessions. Overseeing tracking, mixing & mastering. Assisting with design & your "artist story". Getting ISRC codes & copyrighting material. Releasing it on online & on vinyl. And then plan your next album.

Get Your Music Out There

Get your music played & paid. I can get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora & more music sites by getting you digital distribution. Then I can set you up to have money direct deposited right to your bank account or PayPal. It's easier than you think!

Social Media

Social Media is about more than just sharing photos & links; it's a powerful tool for telling a story. We'll team up and based on the photos, videos & story you give me, I'll develop your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or other media platform. No time to post? I'll write & edit your posts for you, always making sure you approve before anything gets posted. Unsure of how to post? I can coach you how to build & reach your Fans & Followers.

Web Site & Logo Development

It's very important to have a modern web site for creatives, innovators & small businesses. With my team of designers, we work together to build you a new site or make your existing one better. We can create a logo for you, develop your brand and color scheme and build a fresh, exciting site that represents you and what you do.

Get Your Art & Creativity Out There

It's time to get your innovation, blog, photography, videos, products, music or words out to the world. I do media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords & Instagram to reach target audiences. Reach people that will love what you do by their location, age or interest. It's less expensive than you think!/p>

Media Coaching

People post weird things on Facebook all the time. Media is sometimes more about what NOT to do than it is what to do. Let me help you understand hashtags, tags, inserting links & crafting a narrative that supports your creativity, career & business. I can help you build the skills to develop your brand, build your story & have global impacts, Then, you'll have the tools to do it on your own!

Small Business Development

Have an idea for a product like a healing salve, coffee, beard oil or pillow case? Do you offer a service like therapy, massage or music instruction? Not sure how to set it up? I can assist you in developing your small business from innovation to launch. We'll determine how to produce your product, how to represent your service, build a project plan, figure out the best ways to make money from what you offer and help you create a rewarding business.


Do you have products you've created but no way to sell them easily? My team of designers & I can build an e-commerce web site for your small or medium-sized business. Even if you have a store front, putting products online makes it easy to reach millions of online customers!

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing & promo now has many avenues in both digital & traditional media. Let's develop a plan for your album, book or small business before you launch that includes social media, streaming, podcasts, print, TV & radio. I can help you budget for promotion, find a press rep, and make sure you're thinking into the future. If money is tight, I can help you develop a crowd funding campaign. Only about 10% of all Kickstarters are successful. I did a successful campaign for my own project & I can do the same for you!

Literary Consulting

Writing a book? Want to get it released by a publisher? I can help you develop your concept, assist you in writing, help you edit, show you how to develop a query to find a literary agent, then coach you through the querying process. If your book is non-fiction, I can help develop the book's 35-50 page book proposal. When an agent lands you a publishing contract & the book is released, I can help you promote you & your book.

Tours & Shows

Want to go on tour or need help with a show? I can help you book a tour locally, nationally or in Europe, because I've done all that myself & I can help you do it even better! I can also assist in producing one-time shows & events, end-to-end, from rehearsals to promotion to the big day!

Creative Guidance

Feeling overwhelmed with your creative project, album, book or innovation? Is it too much information to take in? Don't worry. Let me take away some of the stress by managing details so you can create. I'll also help you learn to love the whole process of creation even when it gets difficult. Every step can be fun & there is no end to what you can do!